Genuine Vitage Gibson Humbucker

2. Randall RBA 500 ES


On offer is a genuine vintage Gibson humbucker, harvested from a 1963 SG/Les Paul Standard, serial # 113113,
currently undergoing restoration, which I have owned since 1986.

This pickup is missing the iconic black “patent applied for” label. It is possible it is an earlier model (pre label), or
that the label was somehow omitted. This pickup was wax potted at some point, which reduces microphonic
squealing at high volume levels and an additional protective wrap of black cloth tape placed around the outside
of the coils. The label may have been dislodged during the potting process. There is a black fragment on the
bottom of the base plate, where the label would usually be – possibly a remnant of said label.

I am selling this unit as I always run my pickups “open coil” and this unit is cosmetically unsuitable, as there are
several shallow depressions in the string-facing bobbin surfaces. For this reason, a vintage correct, naturally aged,
nickel cover has been installed, to suit the player who prefers covered humbuckers. For the record, this unit is
double black bobbin.

When these pickups were removed from the instrument, some 27 years ago, the control circuit showed no sign
whatsoever of “after market” solder work and appeared entirely original. That said, the unit for sale has an
unusual feature which bears mentioning. On close examination, via the small apertures on the end of each
bobbin, the coils are wound with differently insulated magnet wire. One is wound with the familiar plain enamel
type, while the other appears to be Formvar, or polyurethane.

The original taping of the coils appears identical and there is no indication of any disassembly or tampering,
outside of the additional cloth tape wrap mentioned above. Gibson were known to substitute materials
occasionally, if necessary, to maintain manufacturing output. This is the origin of “Zebra” coil humbuckers – as
black bobbins ran out, they began incorporating white – the coils were going to be covered anyway! This said,
the pickup measures a very satisfactory 7.87K DCR and sounds stellar.

The hookup lead was replaced at the time the cover was installed, with vintage-correct, braided shield, “Lenzite”
wire, to permit clean installation in any position – personally, I particularly like PAFs in the neck position.

This is a chance to own an icon of guitar tone for a fraction of the $3000.00 - $5000.00 seen in today’s

All items sold carry a 60-day labor warranty.

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RANDALL RBA 500 ES$180.00

Workhorse bass head with plenty of tonal flexibility and head room


* Power - 300W at 2 Ohms
* Effects Loop
* Footswitchable 7-Band Graphic EQ
* Balanced Direct Out

All items sold carry a 60-day labor warranty.

Call Stretch at (818) 755-2801 or email at stretch@valleysoundla.co